Internationalization Programm

Internationalization -crossing borders- 

Gymnasium Camphusianum allows students to nurture their minds by embracing the world as their classroom. All students are obliged to participate in an international program during their school career. Students learn how to engage socially in an international environment, learn about cultural differences and nourish their inquisitive minds.

During the end of the third year, students attend an information session where they hear about the many options that are available to them. There have been many years of successful exchange programs to schools around the world. Currently, the schools that participate in our exchange program are Dominicus Zimmermann Gymnasium in Landsberg, Bayern, Germany; Sâmiha Ayverdi Anadolu Lisesi in Istanbul, Turkey; Frontier Regional High School in Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA; Centre of Education #1240 in Moscow, Russia; Rudbeckskolan in Orebro , Sweden; and Col-legi Mare de Déu del Carme in Terrassa, Spain. Students who travel to one of these schools are matched with a host and reside in his or her home. Students attend school together and also participate in educational and cultural field trips. If students choose not to participate in an exchange program, they are then obliged to choose between a school trip either to Paris or Berlin. During the trips to Paris and Berlin students stay in a youth hostel, participate in interesting and educational activities and speak to the locals to help improve their French and German skills.

All of these trips take place in October of a student’s fourth year. If students have participated in the exchange program, their exchange partner arrives in Gorinchem in April of the same school year. During this exciting week in April, all schools are present and students work on a themed international project. In 2014, students participated in various workshops and the week ended in a drama production. In 2015, sustainability will be the theme for our international week.

   The international exchange crew.